Marvel Reveals Particulars of Spider-Man/X-Males Occasion Darkish Net


Ben and Maddie bein' bad

Picture: Marvel Comics

It’s the yr of our lord Emma Frost 2022—and readers, one way or the other it has taken Marvel Comics this lengthy to staff up its two most iconic clones.

Right this moment Marvel introduced extra particulars for its plans for Darkish Net, a brand new Spider-Man/X-Males crossover occasion launching on the finish of the yr. The worlds of Spider-Man and mutantkind have lengthy been related—they’ve been Superb Pals, even—however their newest collaboration will see two of their most private foes staff up in an try to make their collective lives depressing.

These private foes are in fact Madelyne Pryor, the one-time spouse of Scott Summers, revealed to be… properly, it’s sophisticated, however a Jean Gray clone turned soul-selling Goblin Queen who’s at the moment the ruler of the demonic dimension Limbo; and Ben Reilly, the one-time clone of Peter Parker who, properly, it’s sophisticated, however has had a case of the gone good, gone unhealthy, gone good, gone unhealthy a number of instances because the occasions of Clone Saga and is at the moment the vengeful villain Chasm. The 2 just lately had a short encounter within the pages of the Free Comedian Ebook Day Spider-Man/Venom story the place they realized that hey, they’re each clones horribly mistreated by the individuals of their lives and perhaps, simply perhaps, that’s sufficient for somewhat evil tag staff.

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Picture: Marvel Comics

Which is pleasant, as a result of Maddie and Ben actually do have lots in frequent, handled unfairly out and in of the textual content that’s Marvel’s lengthy comics historical past over the previous few a long time as they grappled with the respective shadows of the individuals they had been cloned from, Jean Gray and Peter Parker. Now that Maddie and Ben have discovered some degree of acceptance of their present identities because the Goblin Queen and Chasm, it’s going to be attention-grabbing to see simply what plans they must make their former allies on the earth of heroes dwelling hell. Or, an Inferno, as Marvel retains teasing, even supposing we simply had a kind of.

Darkish Net will likely be bookended with two one-shot points referred to as Daybreak and Nightfall, in addition to function spinoff miniseries titled Darkish Net: X-Males and Darkish Net: Ms. Marvel. As from that, the primary story itself will play out in problems with Superb Spider-Man, Mary Jane & Black Cat, Gold Goblin, and Venom, earlier than concluding in February 2023. That’s plenty of Spider-Man titles for a collection that’s additionally concerning the X-Males, however hey, these mutants have bought lots sufficient to take care of proper now anyway.

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